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Karin and Chris at the Dali MuseumMany of us have a cause that we connect with; something we can really get behind and champion. Now I’m no champion, but I’ve recently added an incredibly worthy cause to my list thanks to one incredibly brave little girl and her courageous parents. More on that in a moment.

We all know that language is powerful. It’s why we read the blogs we love and love the blogs we write. The main function of this blog is to connect hearts and minds by sharing my experiences with honesty and hopefulness. My mission is simple: equality. And one of the things that falls under the category of equality is access. I feel strongly about equal access to education/higher education, for example. But there’s one aspect of life to which access is…

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Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelry is a premiere online retailer of diamonds and diamond jewelry, but today they bring their sparkling stones to malls and Kays Jewellers shops worldwide.
What you think of the company is of high importance to Kay; they want customers to develop confidence in them when it comes to their service as well as their products. They have high business and ethics standards, offering customers only the finest of conflict-free diamonds.
Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring

Kay offers every type of jewelry you can imagine, in a breathtaking array of styles. Rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, watches . Kay Jewelry comes in several dazzling collections, including Leo Diamond, Open Hearts many more.
Tungsten Carbide  Men’s Link Bracelet

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